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Two media consortia to receive EU support to enrich data-driven news around EU affairs

Source: EU Commission 4 March 2021 Following an open Call for Proposals in 2020, two media consortia will receive support to enrich coverage around EU affairs from multiple perspectives. Concretely the support is given for the production and dissemination of information and content, while respecting complete editorial independence. Two consortia (the European Data News Hub and the European Data Journalism Network) will expand existing projects with new partners. European Data News Hub News agencies Agence France-Presse (AFP), Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA), Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata (ANSA) and Romanian press agency AGERPRES have joined forces again in the European Data News Hub , which now also includes ANP (Netherlands) and Swedish news agency TT. The project aims to increase the use of data in coverage of European affairs through infographics, video, audio, podcasts and text stories in nine languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Hungarian, Dutch and S

The EU Commission launches call for tenders to map rules and approaches in support of media plurality and cultural diversity

Source: EU Commission The European Commission has launched a call for tender s to map existing rules and approaches in support of media plurality and cultural diversity, notably related to the prominence of general interest content.  The study will provide the Commission, Member States and national regulators with a comprehensive analysis that could support common approaches on the prominence of general interest content, as announced in December in the Media and Audiovisual Action Plan and the European Democracy Action Plan .  The study will also provide a detailed overview of the distribution of advertising revenues related to media content, both online and offline, between the various actors of the value chain. It will propose possible methodologies for assessing and measuring media plurality and suggest measures to address shortcomings.  This initiative is part of wider efforts to support media freedom and pluralism across the EU. It builds on the findings of the Media Pluralism M

EU Commission publishes additional State aid guiding template on support to digitalisation of news media

Source: EU Commission  The European Commission has today published an additional State aid guiding template to assist Member States in the design of their national recovery and resilience plans in line with EU State aid rules, with respect to support to the digitalisation of news media.  This follows the publication of eleven State aid guiding templates in December 2020 . Under the Recovery and Resilience Facility , each national Recovery and Resilience plan will have to earmark a minimum level of 20% of expenditure to support the digital transition. Supporting the digital transformation of news media is essential in order to develop the viability of the sector and support the long-term development of online media and electronic publishing.  The Commission's Annual Sustainable Growth Strategy 2021 underlines that particular attention should be paid to supporting sectors which play a key role for our democracies, especially the media sector, where support should be provided in a w

EU Commission launches consultation on the transparency of political advertising

Have your say Published initiatives Transparency of political advertising Public consultation About this consultationFeedback period22 January 2021 - 02 April 2021 (midnight Brussels time)TopicJustice and fundamental rightsTarget audienceThis open public consultation covers an essential part of our democratic process which raises important questions for citizens, political actors and the businesses which offer services in this area. The Commission is inviting all interested stakeholders, including the general public, academics, digital companies and other businesses, associations, civil society, media organisations, public authorities and political parties, to contribute to this consultation. Why we are consultingThe European Democracy Action Plan announced a legislative proposal on the transparency of sponsored political content as well as support measures and guidance for Member States and other actors, such as national political parties and competent authorities.  This initiative a