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Press publishers voice concerns about platform and selection criteria of the European Democracy, Audiovisual and Media Action Plans

ENPA, the European Newspaper Publishers’ Association, and EMMA, the European Magazine Media Association, representing tens of thousands of press publications across Europe welcome that the Commission is looking into the challenges of media and journalism in Europe, especially as the sector has been severely hit by the COVID-19 crisis. The European Democracy Action Plan and the Audiovisual and Media Action plan released today propose legislative and non-legislative measures that apply among others to the press sector. Regarding the European Democracy Action Plan, EMMA-ENPA do not believe that an extension of the Commission's existing code of practice on disinformation is the way forward. Overall, press publishers are concerned that the EU, Member States, gatekeeper platforms or third parties such as fact-checking organisations like the Journalism Trust Initiative would decide which publications are trustworthy and promoted on gatekeeper platforms and which ones pushed to irrelevance

Broadcasters call for Media & Democracy Action Plans to ensure investment in content, media pluralism & trustworthy news

BRUSSELS, 3 DECEMBER 2020. Commercial Broadcasters welcome the opportunity to engage with the Commission’s European Democracy Action Plan (EDAP) and Europe’s Media in the Digital Decade Action Plan (EMDDAP). Both proposals have at their heart the desire to sustain and grow Europe’s media ecosystem, an objective shared by broadcasters and the European creative economy as a whole. Legal certainty on the business drivers and a commitment to a level playing field should be the priority for any recovery strategy. As commercial broadcasters, our core business is to serve customers across Europe and the world. Our members have actively developed in the past decades hundreds of linear, non-linear, OTT, VOD and catch up services in and across Europe. We are proud to be one of the key sectors to drive investments in digital transformation; financing this drive on our own revenues while facing severe and unprecedented anti-competitive conducts in the online environment. As fully regulated busines

EU Commission launches Action Plan to support recovery and digital transformation of the media and audiovisual sectors

Source: EU Commission 3 December 2020 Brussels Today the Commission adopted an Action Plan to support the recovery and transformation of the media and audiovisual sector. These sectors, particularly hit by the coronavirus crisis, are essential for democracy, Europe's cultural diversity and digital autonomy. The Action Plan focuses on three areas of activity and 10 concrete actions, to help the media sector recover from the crisis by facilitating and broadening access to finance, transform by stimulating investments to embrace the twin digital and green transitions while ensuring the sector's future resilience and empower European citizens and companies. Recover Under the Recovery and Resilience Facility , each National Recovery and Resilience Plan will earmark a minimum level of 20% of expenditure for digital. Measures to boost the production and distribution of digital content, such as digital media, will count towards this target. In addition, the Action Plan aims to: Facili