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EU auditors scrutinize EU Commission's annual 24.5m € support to NBC affiliate Euronews

Source: ECA - EU support helps Euronews to broaden its coverage of European affairs, but funding needs to be better monitored, say EU Auditors. The EU’s support of an average of €24.5 million a year has helped Euronews to develop a unique business model and broadcast programmes on EU affairs in a number of languages, according to a new rapid case review by the European Court of Auditors. However, most citizens in the EU are unable to access it, as the channel is not a public service broadcaster in any Member State. Moreover, the auditors identified shortcomings in the way the European Commission monitors the performance of Euronews against agreed objectives and commitments made. Euronews was created in 1993 by ten European public broadcasters to reinforce European identity and integration, and the EU has provided it with financial support since then. In recent years, it has changed its ownership structure by acquiring private investors. The auditors analysed the

EU Commission opens in-depth investigation into Telia Company's proposed acquisition of Bonnier Broadcasting

Source: EU Commission Brussels, 10 May 2019 The European Commission has opened an in-depth investigation to assess the proposed acquisition of Bonnier Broadcasting by Telia Company under the EU Merger Regulation. The Commission is concerned that the merged entity may shut out competitors from the audio-visual sector in Finland and Sweden. Commissioner Margrethe  Vestager , in charge of competition policy, said:  “The in-depth investigation we are opening today aims to ensure that Telia's proposed acquisition of Bonnier Broadcasting will not lead to higher prices for or less choice of TV channels for consumers in Finland and Sweden .” As a retail TV distributor, Telia Company licenses TV channels (including ancillary rights) from TV broadcasters, such as Bonnier Broadcasting, to include them in its retail audio-visual offering. The proposed acquisition of Bonnier Broadcasting by Telia Company would create a vertically integrated player in the audio-visual industry in Denm