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EU member states agree their position on new copyright rules for the digital environment

25/05/2018 | 17:52 Link to Source: Council of the EU The EU Council's permanent representatives committee (Coreper) - representing the member states - today agreed its position on a draft directive aimed at adapting EU copyright rules to the digital environment. The common position will serve as a mandate for the presidency of the Council to start negotiations with the European Parliament, once the latter has agreed its own position. "All kinds of content are today easily made available online. The dissemination of creative content through the internet encourages cultural diversity. However, this has to be balanced against an appropriate level of protection and fair remuneration for those creating the content." - Boil Banov, Minister of culture of Bulgaria The main objective of the directive is to modernise the European copyright framework and adapt it to the requirements of the digital age. By contributing to the harmonisation of practises across member states, it wil