Netflix, Spotify & Co: EU Parliament ready to start talks with EU Council on new rules for online TV and radio

Source: European Parliament' or '© European Union, EP' 

  • More cross-border access to online news and current affairs TV and radio programmes
  • Copyright clearance to be made easier for broadcasters and operators who offer packages of channels
Talks with EU governments on new rules that aim to give consumers a wider choice in online TV and radio news can start after the full House gave them the green light.

MEPs endorsed on Tuesday the mandate for negotiations drawn up by the Legal Affairs Committee in November with 344 votes in favour, 265 against, and 36 abstentions. Parliament is ready to start talks with the Council on the new rules as soon as EU governments have agreed their own negotiating position.

Key issues

The new rules aim to respond to the growing demand of online TV and radio by making it easier for broadcasters to make their news and current affairs programmes available online also in other EU countries by simplifying the process of clearing copyright.

Currently, broadcasters have to clear copyright in a very short time-frame for each and every country in which they make news and current affairs programmes available online. With the new rules, they would only need to clear the rights in their own country. Copyright clearance would also be simplified for operators who offer subscription packages.

However, MEPs stress that it is important geo-blocking will remain possible if the rights-holder and the broadcaster agree to include it in their contracts.

Further information

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