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EU Commission Workshop: Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology policy and standardisation workshop - documents

Related policies ICT and Standardisation ICT Innovation Advancing in digital science and infrastructures The European Commission's DG Connect organised a workshop on September 12 and 13 on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology policy and standardisation workshop. The first day gathered experts directly active in Blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) standardisation while there was a broader audience for the second day, with representatives from governments, industry, NGOs, standards development organisations. There were rich and fruitful discussions among European Stakeholders.  A full report of the meeting will soon be made available on the Commission's page. Agenda of the meeting on 12 September Agenda of the meeting of 13 September Presentations Martin Adolph, International Telecommunications Union (ITU), ITU Blockchain standards Roman Beck, IT University of Copenhagen, Standardisation needs on use c

UK Parliament: Committee launches advertising industry inquiry

Source: UK Parliament  07 September 2017 The House of Lords Communications Committee invites contributions to its new inquiry into the future of UK advertising industry. Call for evidence (PDF) ( PDF 272 KB) Send a written submission Inquiry: the advertising industry Communications Committee The inquiry will investigate how policies and practices might help the industry to maintain its world-leading position. In particular, it will consider how the UK can maintain access to the skills and talent that it needs in a changing environment. The Committee seeks evidence on the following topics in particular: The skillsets and development of skills needed to sustain the industry. The UK's access to international talent. Whether creative and business clusters contribute to the industry's success and, if so, whether there is a role for the Government in supporting this. How the industry can adapt in the face of increasing digital advertising. Chairman's comment Speaking on t