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Comecon Media: Looking for partners for data driven news production

Comecon Media - the producer of IEU Monitoring - is looking for consortium partners to take part in a new EU Commission call for Proposals Call for Proposals in the field of data-driven news production From 29/06/2016 to 26/09/2016 The European Commission is launching a Call for Proposals in the field of data-driven news production. Applicants are invited to submit proposals to increase reporting on European issues, from a  pan-European viewpoint  and/or  by comparing different viewpoints from within Europe .  Read more

Following Europe's Digital Evolution: IEU Digital Telegram 13 June 2016

# BROADBAND 500 Million € for Broadband Projects – Fund manager needed VODAFONE INSTITUTE: GIGABIT SOCIETY STUDY REVEALS GERMANY IS AN INNOVATION POWERHOUSE BUT LAGS IN FIBRE CONNECTIONS Bundesnetzagentur veröffentlicht Karte zur Breitbandmessung: Transparenz im Telekommunikationsmarkt # 5G 5 G Consultation launched today - Blog post by EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger 5G targeted consultation # SPECTRUM EP Draft report - Use of the 470-790 MHz frequency band in the Union - PE 580.792v01-00 - Committee on Industry, Research and Energy   40th RSPG Meeting – 08 June 2016 - Radio Spectrum Policy Group  RSPG16-014 – Agenda of the RSPG 40th meeting RSPG16-015 – Commission activities related to radio spectrum policy RSPG16-016  – 1st Progress report on WRC-19 RSPG16-017 -  Report on the result of the ITU-R WRC15 RSPG16-018 – Progress report on cross-border coordination RSPG16-019 - Proposal to extend the Good Offices programme of work to a new project, focusing on

IEU Monitoring - Europe's Digital Evolution on 7 June 2016

# TSM New Information-sharing portal is open to public - BEREC BEREC International Mission to the USA – 2016 Call for tenders: Broadband coverage in Europe (SMART 2016/0043) # NET NEUTRALITY Net Neutrality: BEREC's "consultation" (or the discouragement policy) - La Quadrature du Net # E-COMMERCE EU Commission: Answer - Online consumer dispute resolution platform - E-002695/2016  European Regulators Group for Postal Services (ERGP9 on the publication of a European Commission proposal for a Regulation on cross-border parcel delivery services The European Regulators Group for Postal Services (ERGP) Medium Term Strategy 2017-2019 - Discussion paper For Public Consultation Amazon Web Services (AWS) joins DIGITALEUROPE OECD Working paper: Protecting Consumers In Peer Platform Markets # IOT AIOTI Workshop on Security and Privacy at ETSI Security Week OECD Working paper: The Internet of Things Workshop on Research Data Management # CLOUD Cloud Se

IEU Monitoring: Europe's Digital Agenda 3 June 2016

# SPECTRUM The Commission has launched a call for tenders for the study on spectrum assignment # CYBER SECURITY Overview from ENISA's Trust Services Forum 2016 Eurojust strategic seminar: Keys to cyberspace # SHARING ECONOMY U.S. Department of Commerce Releases New Report On Digital Matching Firms CEPS: The Impact of the Collaborative Economy on the Labour Market # DSM Agenda of the Justice and Home Affairs Council, 9 and 10 June 2016 (including DSM) Dutch EU Presidency: Digitisation offers unprecedented opportunities Dutch EU Presidency: Digitisation should improve public services Updated: DIGITALEUROPE responds to Commission Transparency Register Consultation Upcoming ETNO events 2016 Connecting Europe Facility Telecom call 2 Virtual Info Day Trusted Data Management in Health Care Digital Festival 2016 Politico: Connected Citizens Summit # ONLINE PLATFORMS EP Infographic - Online Platforms: at the heart of the Digital Economy # E-GOVERNMENT