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Finally: EU Council Supports Media Literacy and Critical Thinking

This is where the democratic and pluralistic fight against radicalism and populism has to start: media literacy and critical thinking, already in our schools.
Today, the EU Council adopted conclusions on "developing media literacy and critical thinking" through "education and training", including the "many benefits and opportunities that the Internet and social media can bring", but also highlight the "potential threats and dangers they can present"
The conclusions stress the fundamental role of education and training in helping young people to become media-literate and responsible citizens of the future.
Read the full text of the Council conclusion on developing media literacy and critical thinking through education and training

Visit the meeting page

IEU Monitoring covering Europe's digital evolution - IEU DIGITAL Telegram 25 May 2016

# E-COMMERCEOpening statement by Vice-President Ansip at the European Parliament on the decision adopted on the Digital Single Market package - Andrus AnsipCommission proposes new e-commerce rules to help consumers and companies reap full benefit of Single MarketQuestions and answers: Boosting e-commerce in the EUProposal for a Regulation on addressing unjustified geo-blocking and other forms of discrimination based on place of residence or establishment, or nationality within the Single MarketProposal for a Regulation on cross-border parcel delivery servicesProposal for a revision of the Consumer Protection Cooperation RegulationGuidance on the application of the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive  COM(2016) 320 final - Communication "A comprehensive approach to stimulating cross-border e-Commerce for Europe's citizens and businesses" EU Commission: Impact assessment accompanying the proposed Regulation on geo-blockingEU Commission Memo: Boosting E-Commerce in the EU…

IEU Monitoring of European and Global Smart Cities Initiatives 23 May 2016

# UNITED NATIONSShaping smarter and more sustainable cities: UNECE and ITU launch the United for Smart Sustainable Cities global initiativeWave of Smart Initiatives Raise Public Climate Action - ACE Dialogue at UN‘The Earth is not flat; it is urban,’ says UN report, urging new agenda for resilient, sustainable cities# DUTCH EU PRESIDENCYCoR Forum on the EU Urban Agenda# EIP-SCCEIP-SCC launches App and start interacting! for General AssemblySmart city leaders meet to strengthen communitySmart Cities WG – Triangulum WorkshopSustainable Energy WeekCheck Covenant of Mayors Benchmarks of Excellence catalogue and get inspired# EU COMMISSION - DG CONNECTEU Commission releases 2016 European Digital Progress Report: unequal progress towards a Digital Single MarketProgress by countryeCommunications Eurobarometer reportI-DESI reportAll reportsDigital Economy and Society Index# EU COMMISSION - DG GROWDG Grow: Blueprint for cities and regions as launch pads for digital transformation poster# SMART…

IEU Monitoring of Europe's Digital Agenda 23 May 2016

# EU TELECOM COUNCILBackground brief of the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council on 26 May 2016Use of the 470-790 MHz frequency band - draft general approachReview of the regulatory framework - policy debateDigital single market for Europe# DSMOn Wednesday EU Commission will present measures for e-commerce, audiovisual media and online platformsEU Commission releases 2016 European Digital Progress Report: unequal progress towards a Digital Single MarketProgress by countryeCommunications Eurobarometer reportI-DESI reportAll reportsDigital Economy and Society IndexEDPR country profiles - Telecom AnnexEuropean Digital Progress Report (EDPR) - Country ProfilesNew data shows that mobile internet is used more but phone call remains most popular communicationEU Commission: Scoreboard 2016 Research and DevelopmentITRE Committee 23-24 May 2016: Exchange of views with Mr. Andrus Ansip, Commission Vice-President for the Digital Single Market, as part of the Structured DialogueDutch E…

IEU Monitoring of Europe's Digital Agenda - 13 May 2016

# DIGITAL COMPETITIONCompetition is a consumer issue – speech by Margrethe Vestager at the BEUC General Assembly, 13 May 2016# DSMVice-President Ansip to discuss progress on the Digital Single Market strategy in PolandETNO: Innovation and the Open Internet - Joint Industry Statement on Innovation and the Open Internet Creating a Gigabit Society – Vodafone Breakfast in Brussels on 25 May 2016ICT Standardisation for Digital Single Market - European Economic and Social CommitteeMultiple Requirements to be Addressed for Digital Transformation in EuropeBCG - Five Priorities for Achieving Europe’s Digital Single Market# DATA PROTECTIONKurzer Hintergrund - Schlussanträge zur Speicherung dynamischer IP-AdressenEU-Generalanwalt gegen deutsches Verbot der Protokollierung des Surfverhaltens im InternetSafe Harbor - Bundesrat will Klagerecht für deutsche Datenschützer schaffenBDI: Europäischen und transatlantischen Datenschutz zukunftsfähig gestalten# TSMCommission Decision concerning Case DE/201…

IEU Monitoring: Europe's Digital Agenda 11 May 2016

# TELECOM MERGERMergers: Commission prohibits Hutchison's proposed acquisition of Telefónica UKEU Commission Factsheet on Hutchison's proposed acquisition of Telefonica UKStatement by Commissioner Vestager on competition decision to prohibit Hutchison's proposed acquisition of Telefónica UK# TSMBEREC: Public debriefing from the 27th plenary meetingBEREC: 3rd Contact Network meeting for 2016 in Limassol# OPEN NETWORKSCDU/CSU im Bundestag: WLAN-Störerhaftung wird abgeschafft - Herstellung von Rechtssicherheit wird weiteren WLAN-Ausbau befördernDigital Gesellschaft: OFFENE NETZE: GROSSE KOALITION EINIGT SICH AUF BEDINGUNGSLOSE ABSCHAFFUNG DER WLAN-STÖRERHAFTUNG# DSMSt 8621 2016 Init Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on ensuring the cross-border portability of online content services in the internal market - Presidency compromise proposal with a view to agreeing on a general approachSt 8512 2016 Init Preparation of the Competitiveness Coun…