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IEU.Monitoring: The latest issues our DIGITAL Monitoring on 25 February 2016

# ALPHABET How big is Google’s growth engine? - Google Europe Blog # DSM Background brief - Competitiveness Council of 29/02/2016 Portability of digital content McKinsey Studie: Datenströme tragen mehr zum weltweiten Wachstum bei als Warenverkehr BMWi-Staatssekretär Machnig: Die Dynamik der Digitalisierung braucht einen klaren Ordnungsrahmen IW Cologne: Digital Business Location - Slow catch-up # COPYRIGHT UK Guidance: The Collective Rights Management Directive # TSM UK Government policy paper: Roaming charges - EU consultation response UK Ofcom on BT: Making digital communications work for everyone New collaboration between the Norwegian and Polish electronic communications authorities Deutshe Telekom: Annual Report 2015 provides "Answers for the digital future" # DATA PROTECTION Chambers of Commerce: "Safe Harbor - Privacy Shield, International data transfer essential for European Companies" Remarks by U.S. President Barack Obama

IEU.Monitoring: The latest issue of our EU DIGITAL Telegram (published 24 February 2016)

# ALPHABET Digital News Initiative: First Funding Brings EUR 27m to Projects in 23 Countries - Ludovic Blecher, Head of Digital News Initiative Innovation Fund Google Europe Blog: Knowledge for everyone Mergers: Commission approves diabetes joint venture between Sanofi and Alphabet Google renews its support to the Grand Coalition for the third year # DSM EU Commission: DESI - How digital is your country? New figures show action needed to unlock Europe's potential FACTSHEET What is the Digital Economy and Society Index? EU Commission: A new comprehensive Digital Skills Indicator EU DESI: Telecommunications data files, DESI 2016 EU DESI: 2016 Country Profiles (slides) UK CMA responses to consultations on the EU Digital Single Market # DIGITAL COMPETITION Speech at the presentation of the CEP Study Competition challenges in the Consumer Internet Industry – by EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger # TSM Update on BEREC work to produce guidelines for the imple

IEU Monitoring: DIGITAL Telegram - published 15 February 2016

# DSM Updated: Sixth Meeting of the IMCO Working Group on Digital Single Market - 16-02-2016 - Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Subject files - Working Group on the Digital Single Market - Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection CEPS: Regulation on ‘cross-border portability’ of online content services: Roaming for Netflix or the end of copyright territoriality? # E-COMMERCE EU Commission: Solving disputes online - new platform for consumers and traders Business Europe: EU Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) is a win-win solution for all EuroCommerce argues for a new deal for the Single Market and harnessing digital for growth and jobs # LIQUID DATA OECD: Rebooting Public Service Delivery - How can Open Government Data help drive innovation? # DATA PROTECTION EDPS: Preliminary opinion on EU-US Umbrella Agreement Administrative Access to Metadata: French Council of State Flees EU Debate - La Quadrature du Net # CYBER SECUR

IEU Monitoring: EU DIGITAL Telegram - 29 January

# SAFE HARBOR Safe Harbour, European Asylum Support Office: EP committee debates EC Midday press briefing vodcast of 29/01/2016  JUSTICE - Safe harbour: Q&A CDU/CSU im Bundestag: Digitalwirtschaft braucht Rechtssicherheit - Transatlantischer Datenverkehr muss auch bis zu neuem Safe Harbor Abkommen möglich bleiben IW Institute Cologne: Transatlantic data transfers - No end to the Safe Harbor vacuum BDI zum Safe Harbor-Abkommen Digitale Gesellschaft zu Safe Harbor: Reform der geheimdienstlichen Zugriffsrechte ist unausweichlich # DSM Bundesarbeiterkammer Österreich zum Digitalen Binnenmarkt der EU # BIG DATA EBU Conference: Big Data - A game changer for public service media? # IOT Why there is more to the Internet of Things than just technology – the role of AIOTI – by Kees Van Der Klauw Stromsparende Minicomputer für das „Internet der Dinge“ - Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf koordiniert EU-Projekt zu Einzelelektronen-Transistor Regeln für das Intern