EU Parliament publishes documentation of workshop on digital cross-competition

Should we avoid global information monopolies? And what place for European platforms?

The Workshop on "Cross-competition among information (digital) platforms, how to avoid global information monopolies. What place for European platforms?" will take place in Brussels on Tuesday, 20 January 2015 from 15.00-18.30 (EP building, room: A3G-2).

Internet Companies are rapidly growing and in the last decade some even became big international organisations. There are some concerns about their dominant position on the current market situation. Will it become the business model of the 21st century?

The principal objective of the workshop is to take stock of the current situation concerning cross-competition among digital platforms, forecast future development in this area and valuate the policy options. Furthermore, the workshop should also help identify and assess further initiatives that could be taken up.

The workshop is organised by the Policy department A. For more info contact

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