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EU Parliament publishes workshop papers: "Building blocks of the Ubiquitous Digital Single Market"

The EU Parliament Committee for Internal Market and Consumer Protection has published expert papers held at its recent workshop "Building blocks of the Ubiquitous Digital Single Market". Worth looking at the European stage of development. PowerPoint presentations Nick Sohnemann - Innovation hacking Christoph Pennings - Future Networks Edwin Maaskant - Digital Markets: The new business paradigm Robert Atkinson - The role of ICT in driving EU productivity growth Kim Soung Hie - A journey to e-Government in Korea Silver Tammik - e-Estonia: Mapping of services and connectivity targets A.F. Van Veenstra - Ubiquitous developments of the Digital Single Market Scott Marcus - Network Neutrality Revisited: Challenges and responses in the EU and in the US Andreas Mitrakas - Cyber security: a building block of the Digital Single Market Biographies Biography of speaker Programme Programme Briefing Key studies Press release 03 N

Russia tightens regulation for media acquisitions by foreigners

The Russian government enforces tighter control over foreign-owned mass-media operating in Russia. While CNN already announced to go off the air in Russia at the end of this year – after 21 years of local retransmission - other media companies will have ask state authorities if they want to acquire even small shares in local media companies. Vedomosti online reports today that, according to a new ruling, any foreign company acquiring media shares in Russia above 25 percent of the company’s capital needs to ask the antimonopoly committee for permission. The new regulation is based on the Law on foreign investments in strategic industries, entering into force December 6 th . This comes in addition to further legislative changes entering into force in 2016, limiting foreign ownership in any media to 20 percent. Also, the threshold for limitations will change: While at the moment regulatory restrictions concern TV, radio companies, and newspapers above a daily circulation of 1

EU Parliament publishes presentations of its Hearing on the future of copyright in Europe

Hearings - The future development of copyright in Europe - 11-11-2014 - Committee on Culture and Education 13-11-2014 03:55 PM EET Poster (EN) Programme (EN) Prof. Dr Martin KRETSCHMER - Presentation (EN) Prof. Dr Leonhard DOBUSCH - Presentation (EN) Mr Burak ÖZGEN - Summary (EN) Mr Burak ÖZGEN - Presentation (EN) Ms Isabelle FELDMAN - Presentation (FR) Mr Jean-Noël TRONC - Presentation (FR) Prof. Dr Malte STIEPER - Summary (DE) Prof. Dr Malte STIEPER - Presentation (DE) Source : © European Union, 2014 - EP