EU Council result regarding data protection, "the right to be forgotten" - and other issues

Data protection

Last Friday, the EU Council reached a partial general approach on specific aspects of the draft regulation setting out a general EU framework for data protection. The partial general approach includes chapter IV of the draft regulation (controller and processor).

The Council also held a policy debate on the "right to be forgotten" principle following the European Court of Justice judgment in the Google Spain case. This judgment acknowledges the possibility for data subjects, on the basis of the existing directive, to exercise their rights to erasure of data and to object to personal data processing against online controllers such as search engines.

Andrea Orlando, Italian Minister for Justice and President of the Council said: "The Council recognised the importance of the right to be forgotten and the right to object to data processing in particular in a digital environment. At the same time member states attach significant importance to the freedom of expression. The reconciliation of these general principles must be appropriately reflected in the general regulation."

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