Estonia amends Gambling Act, Media Services Act and Advertising Act on Games of Chance

The Draft Act amends different provisions of the Gambling Act which mainly concern the protection of a gambler and the reporting procedure, the Media Services Act and the Advertising Act. 

The objective of the Draft Act is to enhance measures intended for the protection of gamblers, by extending the coverage of the self-exclusion list to totos and classic lotteries. The objective of the Draft Act is also to reduce the administrative burden on the supervisory authority and organisers by cancelling the requirement for quarterly reporting as the Tax and Customs Board will receive the information earlier communicated through such reports in the future through an electronic recordkeeping and control system. 

With the amendment of the Media Services Act, the sponsor announcements of organisers of gambling who have no activity licence or operating permit in Estonia will be restricted. The provision of the Advertising Act concerning advertising of gambling will be amended and established with a completely new text. General requirements established for gambling advertisements are amended, with specific restrictions to different types of games. Considering the additional measures to be established with the Draft Act for the protection of gamblers, the restrictions established for the advertising of lotteries and totos will be alleviated.

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