New EPRA Report: Too Few Women in Audiovisual Media - EU Commission

Source: EU Commission

18 September 2018
Today, the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities (EPRA) presented its report on the representation of women in the audiovisual media industry to European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society Mariya Gabriel, confirming that women are currently underrepresented on-screen and in the audiovisual media industry more widely.

The report explores the on-screen representation and portrayal of women, the stereotypes of female characters in advertising as well as women's off-screen representation. It is based on the responses to a survey of 31 audiovisual regulators primarily from within the EU, including some members of the European Regulators Group for Audiovisual Media Services (ERGA). 
The report shows that there is a willingness among many regulators to address the issue of gender representation in the sector and stresses the potential role of media regulatory authorities in supporting this trend. Commissioner for Digital Economy and…

The EU's ambiguous position towards Facebook

Despite its criticism, the EU Commission does business with Facebook as the following EU Commission answer to MEPs demonstrate:
EU Commission Answer - Commission spending on online advertising on Facebook - P-002713/2018Commission response
20 July 2018

Answer given by President Juncker on behalf of the European Commission

The Commission considers that Facebook, like other social media, offers a cost-effective means of reaching substantial parts of the EU population(1).

Like many other international organisations and public bodies, the Commission has boosted Facebook posts on Commission pages around key communication moments, notably for the roll-out(2) of corporate communication campaigns.

Examples of these campaigns include the Investment Plan for Europe(3) and the 60th anniversary of the EU. The outreach on the Investment Plan for Europe, for example, has contributed to very positive results so far by showing citizens the tangible benefits of EU funding and EU supported inv…

EU Parliament publishes In-depth analysis on potential tool and policy actions to combat fake news

Source: EP  - Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection

The paper on "Technology as Enabler of Fake News and a Potential Tool to Combat It" investigates the role of technology in the circulation of the so-called fake news. The paper on "The legal framework to address “fake news”: possible policy actions at the EU level" argues that the current policy initiatives adopted by the European Commission are meaningful, but still incomplete. These documents were prepared for Policy Department A at the request of the IMCO Committee.

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In-depth analysis: Technology as Enabler of Fake News and a Potential Tool to Combat ItIn-depth analysis: The legal framework to address “fake news”: possible policy actions at the EU levelSource : © European Union, 2018 - EP


EU Commission clears acquisition of Thomson Reuters Financial and Risk Business by Blackstone

Source: EU Commission - Link The European Commission has approved, under the EU Merger Regulation, the acquisition of sole control over Thomson Reuters Financial and Risk Business (“Thomson Reuters F&R”) by the Blackstone Group, both of the US.  Thomson Reuters F&R is a data and financial technology business that provides information and data analytics, enables financial transactions and connects communities of trading, investment, financial, corporate, strategy, treasure and risk professionals. Blackstone is a global asset manager and provider of financial advisory services.  Blackstone, through its portfolio company Ipreo, and Thomson Reuters F&R both provide financial information products to financial market professionals, including real-time and non-real-time data services. The transaction gives rise to a number of horizontal and vertical overlaps between the companies' activities.  Following its market investigation, the Commission concluded that the proposed transact…

Good news for journalists: We won't be replaced by robots

I've just checked on this BBC website, which professions and functions are threatened to be replaced by robots. The good news is: Journalists are not an endangered species: